SmartReading: Read One Book Per Hour!

SmartReading is a proven quick reading and advanced study method, which has been in existence since 1991 along with its own European patent. Today, thousands of people use SmartReading as their preferred reading method, and it is being taught to teachers, managers, students and children aged 11 and over. What they have in common is the same type of brain, plus the fact that they all want to make the most of life. By spending less time on the same amount of reading material, SmartReading helps students to ease their workload and it facilitates corporate life by reducing expenses. Using your brain in a different way helps you read ‘faster than fast’ while at the same time making it easier to remember what you have just read. This training will teach you how to enhance your reading efficiency, allowing you to save enormous amounts of time assimilating and processing written and digital information. So, this training is for you; and about how you will make huge improvements in your work and the way you process information.

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The benefits of SmartReading!

  • Fully adapted to your learning style
  • Discover new possibilities in education and employment
  • Create a new personal reading and learning style
  • Learn Analytical Reading
  • Visual reading improves your memory
Due to many years of experience, SmartReading has developed into a unique speed-reading method

Personal development not to be found anywhere else.

What does SmartReading have to offer you?

SmartReading offers you a tool for life! Besides receiving personal and individual attention, reading 4 to 10 times faster and increasing your memory utilization by 30%, the following aspects are taught during a training: • Goal-oriented reading • Reading from right to left • Reading multiple lines at once • Turbo reading • Concentration and advanced memory techniques • Mind mapping • Removing mental blocks • Removing harmful strategies during your reading time • Changing the beliefs you hold about your reading abilities • How to effectively scan books.

Do the math and calculate how much time and money you will save when your work time gets reduced by hours after the SmartReading training.
You will learn how to utilize your memory by 30% more. Once you have achieved this you will read like you are watching a movie.
The Smart-concept includes memory techniques, which makes your left and right brain hemispheres work together as never before. Due to 20 years of experience this unique method will feel like a breath of fresh air.
The three study books that you will have read during the training will prove it to you. After reading a textbook in about 2 hours you will find out that you understand more and your analysis of the content is improved.

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“A beneficial investment for the rest of my life in only three days. A gift, no a big gift. You not only learn smart reading, you learn from each other with this enthusiastic and experienced trainer, very nice!”!
Marloes Groenen
“Inspiring and fascinating training. My reading speed and comprehension are amazing increased. Never thought tat I could do that too. I can also apply the skills I have learned into other areas. I consume books as never before now because of the pleasure I found in reading.”
Dion van der Sterren
‘My experience with reading ‘normally’ and with SmartReading is that the experience itself differs in energy level. When I read normally I have to concentrate to absorb the words, to understand what the text says, to realize how I feel about it, how it benefits me, etc. Hence, reading is a very busy exercise for me. When I apply SmartReading I find that I no longer impede myself. Basically all I do is open myself up and capture the text, taking in the words directly so the ‘interfering person’ is no longer there. I find reading a far more peaceful and rewarding activity – a great improvement!’.

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